Greetings! My name is Alex and this is my personal professional blog about SEO

For the last 6 years, I’ve been doing a lot in SEO, especially practical work that requires a lot of dedication, involvement, and patience for real-life projects and teams.

I grew up from the very entry-level knowing nothing, to an SEO specialist, and have had the time to work with small and large companies, and leaders of niches whether it was agencies or private companies

Everything I say here, in this blog, is mostly correlated with a real experience in SEO along with Business.

You can also contact me in case you need to discuss your own project

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My Career Experience

SEO specialist (Owner)

AlexanderKozin March.2023 - Present

Since I've got a huge experience in SEO performance, and have been showing decent results in this marketing field. I have decided to open up my own company with a certain clear vision of SEO, that will help many newbies and companies to grow and evolve in organic results

SEO specialist (Senior grade)

WSS Feb.2022 - March.2023

Worked as an SEO specialist in the studio primarily focused on the US and Europe markets

SEO specialist (middle+ grade)

RekaAgency Sep.2019 - Aug.2021

I was leading a fastest growing studio as an SEO specialist, focused on local products in E-commerce and SaasS products

SEO specialist (Middle grade )

SEO Intellect Feb.2018 - Aug.2019

Provided full operation of leading projects on a market in "house building" and "furniture stores" niches

SEO specialist (Junior grade)

Weborden Jan.2017 - Feb.2018

I was helping a small group of specialists in a small company working as an assistant, mostly with an E-commerce projects

My mission

My mission is to show people a different way of doing SEO. And when I say “Doing SEO” I really mean actions first. For a couple of years, I have been seeing the same problems that the industry has. The old vision of things, and the lack of understanding that SEO isn't just about “Do meta-tags” and reports, but it's about business first

My values

My values along with the mission are clear, too. Working with people, I do value things like transparency, honesty, and straightness. I despise work slavery relationships or disrespect to one another, I am always open to cooperation as a business model

During our work together, Alexander showed himself as a professional who can collaborate to achieve goals and raise metrics. Alexander always provides and contributes to ideas and validates them through an SEO perspective. I’ve learned from our work together and hope our paths will be crossed again

Shimon Sobran PM manager

Alexander showed excellent work with our corporate websites, showing his involvement in the projects and dedication to his work. He left a good impression of him as a high-level specialist. We sincerely hope for a long-term cooperation

Cascade Alliance Ltd CEO at Cascade Alliance Ltd

As a manager, I had the pleasure of working with Alexander Kozin as his Team Lead. independent high-level specialist. Prepares strategy, communicates with clients, makes adjustments. When working with the site, he pays attention to the most profitable areas for business, adjusting the strategy for maximum efficiency. Adequately perceives criticism, self-studies, exchanges experience with team members. He has worked with major international projects, well-known crypto media, European and American sites, showing himself as a high-class specialist with strong hard and soft skills. I strongly recommend Alexander for any position or career he may pursue.

Artem Demin SEO lead at WSS